Monday, 8 December 2008

Arbritrary revelations and disillusionment 2

Jenny Moore had a delightful if well worn soprano voice and had steered her long and indeterminate showbiz career into the safe haven of Cruise Liners. She crooned and cha cha’d at retirees, widows and invalids on each of the seven seas. An experienced traveller, she could pack in an afternoon for a three week trip around the Azores with a different outfit every day and still have room in her trunk for the collected works of Shakespeare, which was more of a conversation piece than a companion.

Although there was something overwhelmingly small screen about her history, Jenny came across as much larger than life. She was accordingly pursued by widowers and elderly men with deaf or indifferent wives. On occasion she would slow down to give the more persuasive and well placed a chance to make an affluent play for her.

One especially well qualified elder gentleman finally made the inner sanctum of her cabin through well turned flattery and a bottle of vintage Krug. As she opened the bubbly he took the Shakespeare down from the shelf. On the fly leaf was a certificate from Jenny’s school commemorating her victory in the Senior School Elocution Competition. Her beau beamed fondly at it and then read closer.

“Good God, Miss Moore! You’re even older than I am.”

From then on Shakespeare was not wanted on voyage.

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Chips Hardy and Oscar Grillo said...

I love this one, Chips. One of my favourites.