Thursday, 11 December 2008

Arbitrary Revelations and disillusionment 5

Dr. Webster had two young children and a tight budget. Accordingly when his wife wanted a summer holiday in Spain, the Websters occupied a moderate family room in a smart new complex in Mijas. Paul and Amy were young enough to share with their parents, each having a small foldaway bed positioned between the balcony and the bathroom door.

Mrs Webster was relatively pleased with the arrangements, the children were pleased with the beach and Dr. Webster celebrated with paella as part of their demi-pension evening meal.

The paella went straight through him, rendering him toilet bound for two whole days. The soreness of his rectum was acute and his temper similarly raw. On the third day, after yet another argument over some trifle, he hobbled into a local pharmacy and prescribed himself a tube of soothing anaesthetic cream.

Regular applications throughout the day ensured a good time was had by all. Mrs Webster gave Dr. Webster a hug in evening and wore her new shawl to dinner. Paul and Amy were so excited by the day that it took them an hour to settle down, but eventually the Websters relaxed into a sunburned sleep.

Dr. Webster awoke in the middle of the night with his rectum throbbing agonisingly. Try as he might he simply couldn’t return to sleep. He tiptoed out of bed, stepped over the beds of his sleeping children and felt his way into the bathroom.

He didn’t dare put on the bathroom light but felt his way around the wall cabinet, uncapped the tube and applied the cream.

Mrs. Webster, Paul and Amy were tugged awake by the sound of screaming. They stared terrified into the darkened bathroom where Dr. Webster was discovering he’d elected to treat with Mrs Webster’s menthol whitening toothpaste.

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