Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Arbritrary revelations and disillusionment 3

When Ann-Marie Baxter accepted Reinhardt Hubel's proposal of marriage, her decision was influenced more by an unremitting hatred of being a hotel receptionist in Rotherham rather than some exotic appeal of burly Reinhardt and his plantation on the Gold Coast.

Whatever magic there was disappeared very quickly in Africa. Reinhardt squeezed her nipples abominably in bed and attempted sodomy whenever he'd drunk a fourth martini at the Planters' Club.

Her days and nights were agonising and one day when Reinhardt had been bitten by a poisonous snake on the veranda it took her half an hour to get to the phone.

Reinhardt was buried on his plantation in the Gold Coast, and Ann-Marie now lives in a maintained flat in Swiss Cottage with a small dog.
Neither of them has been back to Rotherham


Gustavo said...

¡¡Cómo nos discriminan a los que entendemos inglés como el orto!!
Con los textos vaya y pase pero mire que hay que ser mal llevado para hacer los dibujos tambien en inglés, eh...cuánta maldad.
Si no me los traduce Cilencio estoy perdido.

Oscar Grillo said...

Me metes en un lio, Gustavo. Le tengo que traducir esto a Chips y no se como se dice "orto" en ingles!