Tuesday, 25 November 2008


As a species we construct our realities through the interweaving of narratives. Our conscious experience, projections and attitudes are all informed by stories we collect and believe we have learned from.

We assemble these stories from personal experiences, news items, anecdotes, chance observations, exemplary tales, histories validated and deluded, myths, partial memories, fables, fantasies, allegories, deductions and suppositions, glimpses and snippets, alibis and other fictions.

Each assemblage is, of course, as unique as the consciousness it is determining and is determined by.

However, the components may be common to many. There are only so many stories in the world.

It is the order, colour and application that make the man.


This is an implacable sequence of micro-stories in which reflect the world and recent times through finite and often small human perspectives and experiences.. We are building a consciousness through narrative and allusions here. The building bricks, structures and motifs will repeat, refine and supplant as such patterns will often do in our conscious considerations. Memory refines judgment. And is frequently coloured by it.

On the way we shall be funny, sad, questing, cruel, surprising, familiar, disturbing, fatalistic and redemptive. As we all are.


Oscar Grillo said...

A real pleasure, my dear Chips, to start this collaboration with you.

isabelle gregson said...

Hi Chips, Hi Oscar,

It's lovely to see these stories finally being published!

xx, isabelle