Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Moments of realisation 2

Louis looked down fascinated at Miranda screaming on the bed beneath him. She was staring up at him as if searching for the answer to some insoluble, universal conundrum whilst bouncing about like a cod on a boat deck.

He wasn’t entirely new to sex although most of his experience had been downloaded off the internet, but things did seem to be going uncommonly well. He applied himself.

Miranda moaned and juddered. Then she flung her arms around his neck and hauled herself up to stare wondrously into his eyes, “God, you’re good,” she cried, “You’re so good!”
At this the breakthrough came, a revelation that wouldn’t be gainsaid. He was good at something at last. Very good at something. It was nothing he could tell his old teacher or his probation officer or his worrying mother but he had an aptitude. The realisation surged up his spine from deep behind his knees through his belly and into the arms that clasped her. He applied himself again


Barbu said...

A completely new and wonderful performance of The Tempest - even if Shakespeare has him as Caliban and not Louis. You have captured Miranda perfectly. Well done to both of you!

No One In Particular said...

Back to sex I see. And no beating about the bush either. Well, actually it was literally beating about the bush!

LOBOTOMO said...

"Push, Push in the bush!" said a disco song of the seventies.

piero said...

i know the feeling....good for something at should see how i wash the dishes.

Anonymous said...

what if she was just a good faker? hehehe